Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation is not just another outsourcing method to get jobs done. It is a practical business strategy of making use of experienced personnel on a temporary basis to get jobs done to enhance the productivity and efficiency of your business/contract. This helps you concentrate more on the main goals of your firm instead of squandering time on mundane administration jobs. Staff augmentation caters to the specific requirements of your company in terms of work efficiency, software development and cost effectiveness. It is a one-stop solution that enhances the performances and effectiveness, eventually reducing your hiring cost and extra expenses that are incurred in training and hiring new IT professionals repeatedly for every other project.

Advantages of staff augmentation include:

  • No overhead cost of permanently employing and maintaining an employee.

  • The people hired are competent enough to get working on the project right away. So there is no time and money wasted on training.

  • The skills and the competence of the employee are vouched by the staff augmentation service provider you hire from. So you can rest assured that your projects are handles by common capable and responsible and the money spend in hiring the employee is not wasted.



Projecs offers a wide range of Online and in-person training programs for Primavera P6 Professional and the P6 EPPM. Our training programs range from 8 to 24 hours. Projecs focuses on the skills that professional schedulers need in order to perform their expected duties and will include the knowledge needed from Project Management background. Primavera our clients include Aerospace, Construction, Engineering, Governmental, Manufacturing, Marine, Oil and Gas, Transportation and Utilities.


There are 2 options:

  • Onine Primavera P6 training by a live instructor

  • Onsite In-person

We are certified by Oracle University to teach Primavera P6 Professional and P6 EPPM.